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 NSR Stat Guide

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PostSubject: NSR Stat Guide   NSR Stat Guide I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 1:34 am

Strength:This controls the melee damage of your attacks and some jutsu damage.

Main Strength Clans:Kaguya,Hyuuga,Spider,Iron.

Def:Reduces the amount of damage taken from either physical or non-physical attacks.

Clans that need Defense:ALL Defense is a vital stat.

Vitality:The higher the level of your vitality the more health you get each level up.

Vitality Is A Major Stat All Clans Need It Early.

Agility:Controls how fast your hand seals are, Your melle attack speed, And your movement speed.

Power:The stat that controls how much Non-Physical damage attacks do.

Control:Increases chakra more and more each level up the higher the level of control. It also increases your chance to perform a jutsu succesfully.
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NSR Stat Guide
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