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 A Suggestion i thought about when i couldnt sleep :D

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A Suggestion i thought about when i couldnt sleep :D Empty
PostSubject: A Suggestion i thought about when i couldnt sleep :D   A Suggestion i thought about when i couldnt sleep :D I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2011 8:58 am

[b][u]Leaf Village
Senjuu Clan
1st clan move-You can create a tree that has to be hit by jutsus/melee to be destroyed or at ur will. You have the ability to walk through them also and can have up to any number out at once.Its up to u to make chakra cost and tweaks and what not. Once level 2 they have higher stam(which means can take more hits is all) and then u master and u can create 3 at a time and they have even higher stam.
2nd clan move-You can throw a tree at ur enemy ! xD At level two it is stronger and at level three its three tiles
3rd clan move- You can trap ur enemy in a tree for 2.5 seconds (u can tweak time if u dont liike it) and do what ever you want to them >Very Happy (doesnt level).
4th clan move- You get a wood hammer which just boost str and when u hit it stuns for about .5 secs
5th clan move- Congrats you just got tree smash which is an AoE that can reach at all around u in a 2x2 square
6th clan move- You now have the ability to use tree spear which peirces the enemy with a long tree spear for a good amount of dmg and it OHKOs fromt the back but they cant be binding for it to work(just for those noobs who think they own with tree bind OHKO spear xD)
Senjuu clan is based on Str and Pow some moves hit with str some with pow you can decide or it can be pure str

Uzamaki Clan
OK just so everyone knows this is based off of what Naruto's mother said to him when u tamed kyuubi in manga (spoiler Razz)
1st clan move-Shadow Clone combo which is pretty self explanatory and u guys allrdy have Very Happy
2nd clan move-Chakra Seal which you have to be 1 tile away to use and seals opponants chakra for a certain amount of time
3rd clan move-regen seal which seals ur opponants regeneration thereby not allowing them to heal chakra and stam (YOU CANNOT USE BOTH SEALS AT THE SAME TIME) for a certain amount of time.
4th clan move-Rasengan(Just because ppl would be pissed by being and uzamaki w/o rasengan)
5th clan move-Rasengan Shuriken it hits harder than rasengan and once u master it you can throw it =D
6th clan move-Tajuu Kage Bunshin ok so u start off with 8 bunshins but they are weak =( but as u level it increases in strength and numbers it masters at three levels with 16 bunshins xD but they all have the strength of just 1 regular shadow clone so uzamaki isnt totally op
Uzamakis also are able to get a specail move from bijuus since they are more able to handle bijuus =D and they start off with more stam and get higher stam gains cuz Naruto's mom said uzamakis live a long life =D They are based on Str and Con

Space/Time Spec
Based on Minato
1st clan move-Space time kunai basically like sand shuriken u click it and now all kunais u throw are space time kunais. Also you have to master this tech because as you master it cost alot less chakra to use it(throw it)
2nd clan move-Teleport this allows you to teleport to any space time kunai you have laying around(idk if you want it to be the whole world or a certain radius)as you master this tech the kunais dont disappear when you tele to it and youu can tele to ppl who you tagged with a kunai(you tag them by just hittin them with a kunai and they cant take it off)
3rd clan move- Space Time Barrage you just tele to a tagged person and hit them with some kind of dmg
4th clan move-Space Time Drop ok ill admit i got this from the new X men movie i saw with my fam lol you tele to a person grab them throw a space time kunai in the air and tele to it then you throw them back down for alot of dmg
5th clan move-Space Time rasengan ok minato is narutos dad (spoiler) so we're gonna give his clan rasengan to since he created it basically it teles u to opponant and u hit em with rasengan this rasengan is weaker than normal one because its an auto hit the only way to dodge is to time a kawarimi no jutsu just in time or not get tag
6th clan move-double rasengan basically you go back to the space time drop but instead off throwing them down u use rasengan and hit them down and then tele back down and hit them with another rasengan so yeah really killer finisher isnt it too bad it has high c/d cuz it hits for so much and a noob wuld try to spam it =D
Minato is Str Con too just like his son and You have to tag your opponant to use all the jutsus

I kno i kno i got so many ideas
Ok this is just goin into mangekyo sharingan(MS)
Basically u get reqs for MS which could be alot of kills and lvl 200 or something and you get to pick which MS you want
Sasukes-You get his Susanoo and Amat that you can use to your liking but be careful you can go blind :p ill go into how to not get blinded later
Itachi-You get his Susanoo (stronger than sasukes) and tsukyomi(however u spell that) to use tsuky you gotta be in a straight line and they gota be looking at you
Kakashi-You basically get 2 variations of moves and they are strong. You can warp someone (u gotta w8 kinda like advance tracking) to a random place on THE MAP ! yes i said it the WHOLE MAP! or you can warp one of their limbs and the move slower and take constant dmg (not alot tho) untill they either die or find their limb on the map
Tobi/Madara-His is similiar to kakashi you get to warp yourself tho (because he does it in manga) and also you get to use Izanagi. Izanagi is a tech that for one of ur eyes u can dodge ANYTHING and put back 20% of the dmg u would of took back into ur stam BUT since u used it and lost an eye half ur screen goes black. If u use it again ur whole screen goes black. Your blind Razz
Blind-Ok now i got a fun way to get Enternal mangekyo(EMS) once u get MS u get a tech called Eye Stealer which allows u to kill someone and within 5 secs of their death steal their eyes and get ETS now dont worry folks nothing will happen to the poor little guy who got his eyes taken out but heres the catch u can only take someones eye who has MS or higher now u can only steal eyes every 3-5 hrs (thats c/d for such and awesome tech). Now if u wana be a big bullie and take someones eyes out and make em blind then u have to make then bleed and black bar them then take their eyes which wuld leave them alive but a black screen i know so cruel. But dont worry little guy who got his eyes stolen just rest for awhile and u will get ur eyesight back. Also if u get your eyes stolen with EMS then you go back down to have MS. And Susanoo Tsuky and Amat eventually makes u go blind so u better get EMS quick xD.

ok i still got more =D

[b][u]Sand Village
Clay Art as a clay artist you have to make clay with ur first clan skill to use the clay and ur clan skills take up ur clay so keep ur clay up =D
1st clan justu-you can make clay now for all the rest of your clan techs the more u master this the more clay u make from it ( u start by making 10 clay from it)
2nd clan jutsu- u get spiders that follow opponant around for a bit then burst into flames
3rd clan jutsu- u get explosive birds that go in a straight line and explode once they hit something
4th clan jutsu-You get a bird that u hop on and fly really fast and it explodes kinda light LB how u go fast and once u hit theres a crater and everything but u get trucked by the bird and stunned for 1 sec then the bird explodes into flames
5th clan jutsu- you get clay bombs that u can set and dedonate at ur will use these wiht a strategy and ur sure to win =D
6th clan jutsu- ok now this is the best jutsu in game but u kill ur self doin it basically u make the Giant c4 that deidara used on gara and u dedonate it at ur will it has a massive 8x8 flames and u die auto from using it and ur opponant dies within 5 secs of being burned the explosive last for 5 seconds
You can decide what the clay cost for everything is

Mist Village
Village Jutsus
1st village jutsu- Hidden Mist Jutsu makes u invisible
2nd village jutsu- waterfall basically a wall of water
3rd village jutsu-water prison traps opponant in a 3x3 area
4th village jutsu-Tsunami kinda like a sand tsunami only smaller
1st clan jutsu- shark missle the more u master the more sharks u shoot
2nd clan jutsu- whirpool sucks ur opponant in (this is an AoE) for u to hit last for about 3.5 secs
3rd clan jutsu- since u get samehada as a hoshigiaki this jutsu is just a sword dance sorta like dance of camielia
4th clan jutsu- shark prison it inprisons the opponant in a 6x6 area with sharks just shootin random
5th clan jutsu- 5 man eating sharks shoot 5 sharks out at ur oppanant just a stronger shark missile
6th clan jutsu- ok u trap ur opponant in a 12x12 ocean of water and u transform into like half shark/half ninja and u can move around faster and are stronger in this form and u guys fight like this for abt 20 secs
All Hoshigiakis get Samehada

1st clan jutsu- Ice needles self explanatory
2nd clan jutsu- Blizzard freezes your opponant for a certain period of time
3rd clan jutsu- ice crush basically a combo for blizzard u freeze then u crush doing dmg like a icy sand burial
4th clan jutsu-idk what u could call it bout u make 5 pillars of ice ur opponant is somewhere lost in those pillars then they all just stretch out and stab ur opponant if he/she is still in between them
5th clan jutsu- ice spear basically like a shukaha spear and iron spear only ice =D(im kinda running outta ideas for haku)
6th clan jutsu- Demon ice mirrors self explanatory

Instead of zabuza put this you get zabuza sword since suigetsu has it. Also a little trick to this is u can store water use ur 2nd clan jutsu and use it to use other jutsus
1st clan jutsu-Exucutioner slice u basically cut ur opponant for alot of dmg can be more fatal as u lvl it
2nd clan jutsu-is store which is basically a passive that lets u regen way faster on water and u can store water similiar to how clay artist store clay and use it to use ur clan jutsus
3rd clan jutsu-liquinate u become invincible for .5 secs has a kinda long c/d so noobs cant spam it (uses stored water)
4th clan jutsu-Demon water wave crash u turn into water and become a huge wave that crashes on ur opponant
5th clan jutsu-water shockwave a spammable water slash that is in the shape of a cresent
6th clan jutsu- steriods u pumb water into ur arms temporarily causes u to gain massive str and u smash ur enimies for 20 sec after u revert back to normal u used all ur remaining water so use it carefully

Rain Village
Village jutsu
1st village jutsu-Demonic Rain u make a powerfull rain fall that hurts ur opponant
2nd village jutsu- water clone self explainitory
3rd village jutsu- water dragon jutsu
4th village jutsu-Tidal wave u make a huge wave that smashes and drowns ur enemy

1st jutsu-Paper stream shoots out a stream of paper that explode on contact
2nd jutsu-Paper trap just wrap ur opponent in paper
3rd jutsu- dedonate sets off any paper at any time even trap paper
4th jutsu- paper shuriken barrage a massive spam off exploding paper
5th jutsu- Paper clones u can make clones made out of paper that u can dedonate with ur 3rd clan jutsu
6th jutsu- Angel u form paper wings and can move slightly faster and can spam paper stream

You decide to follow the path of the sage and got rinnegan =D
1st justu- rinnegan allows u to regen chakra faster, u have more chakra control, and u can use all ur other clan jutsu
2nd jutsu- u summon a dog/fox like ish animal that hit hard but dies in one hit
3rd jutsu-u absorb half of the dmg of any attack
4th jutsu- u can heal the dead back to 20% health or yourself
5th jutsu Almighty Push kinda like a rotation
6th Jutsu- ok now at first this may seem op but its not
The Six Paths of Pain
You summon six clones that have 50% of ur health exceptt the outer path which makes 7 clones outer path has 75% of ur health hes liek the leader ok but then other 6 got 50% of ur tai and the outer path has 75% of ur tai the outer path uses watever jutsus u use and has 75% of ur pow but u urself are losin chakra and lots of it and u cant move fast u move like a GRANDMA !!!lol xD but there u go i am now finished xD

Thank you for reading this i hope u think about puttin some of these in-game and i got plenty of more ideas cya in-game
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A Suggestion i thought about when i couldnt sleep :D
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