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 Dainn mod or gm application

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Dainn mod or gm application Empty
PostSubject: Dainn mod or gm application   Dainn mod or gm application I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 19, 2011 8:46 pm

In game name: Dainn Kaguya
Skills: A Little code.

How long have you played game?:For 40 minutes(but i played much rips and i know a lot about nng .)

Why you deserve gm: I think I should be mod or gm for that I know much of nng and I will always strengthen the rules and if I have power, I punish those who disrespect the rules, I've been gm in other nng and never hear a complaint against my And I think it will not be sorry if you give me mod powers or gm.

Tell about yourself: Im bit shy, but ill watch carefull the people , and any problem you can count with me.

Extra info: Im brazillian, Im Unknow's friend. =D and im funny o/// lol!
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Dainn mod or gm application
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