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 My Suggestions xD

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My Suggestions xD Empty
PostSubject: My Suggestions xD   My Suggestions xD I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 9:31 pm

8 Gates System

First Gate of Opening! ( Just For Opening,Decreases Hp Slowly ) Req 30 Vit 5 Kills

Second Gate of Healing! (Heals You Faster )Req 50 Vit 10 Kills

Third Gate of Life! (Increase Str) Req 70 Vit 20 Kills

Fourth Gate of Pain! (Increase Pow and Move Faster )Req 90 Vit 30 Kills

Fifth Gate of Limit! ( Increase Str and Pow) Req 110 Vit 40 Kills

Sixth Gate of View! ( Increase Str and Pow more ) Req 150 vit 50 Kills

Seveth Gate of Wonder( Increase Str and Pow even more ) Req 200 Vit 70 Kills
(Cause the user to get more damage after usage)

Eight Gate of Death (Increase Str and Pow to the max ) Req 300 Vit 100 Kills
(Causes the user to get into hospital and unable to move for a certain amount of time after usage.)

The 8 Trigrams Should Be like when the trigrams is shown,the opponent would not be able to move at all and have to withstand the hit .

A npc for changing Sp - Stats for user who have maxed all their Skill Tree.

Sage Mode

Requirments : Have 400 Con

The user's strength, agility, vitality, and control dramatically increase.
The user gains the ability to sense chakra around them
The user's ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu become more powerful.

xD Thank You For Reading My Suggestions, Hope You will use it xP
Tich Feel Free to change anything you want.


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My Suggestions xD
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