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 A Ninja Job System

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A Ninja Job System Empty
PostSubject: A Ninja Job System   A Ninja Job System I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 9:48 pm

It is as the title said a sub-job system.
Advantages to this:
It will make the game more fun for all.
Extra Jutsus according to your sub-job.
Extra ways to earn Ryo.

Disadvantages: You may only Pick one job.
Only for in-village Ninja

Examples: Ahh the Fun Part(I will post description Links to all of these.)

1st: The Courier Ninja
Some Examples for Jutsu for this one would be like some paper jutsus.

2nd: The Cooking Ninja
I actually had an Idea for these Ninja, like The Iron clans Rain of Sand but say with Flour?

3rd: The Spec Ops Ninja (Basically ANBU but a lot stronger than the average ANBU)

4th: Head Ninja/Jounin Commander
Basically the Third Highest job in the village, this job is one of the three jobs you are appointed to, the others being Spec Ops ninja, and village Elder.

5th: Village Elder
No link but basically the Kages right hand men.

6th: Regular Forces:
Self explanatory

7th: The Medical Ninja:
Again Self Explanatory
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A Ninja Job System
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