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PostSubject: HANG ON TO YOUR UNDERWEAR AND TRY TO READ ALL THIS   Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:54 pm

This is going to be a Huge ass list of Clans I thought would make a good addition to the game. I will go my Village.

Orochimaru/Kabuto Clan
Summoning: Impure World Resurrection
The Forever Tricky Jutsu, but unlike in the Manga the revived are killable because the revived retain only half of there HP and will use they're jutsu at random.
Exception: No using this technique to call back any Higher-ups(Tich and Sgail for example)
Behaviors and Such: The Revived becomes a Half Hp clone of the original that was killed and attacks any enemy's of his summoner, it cannot attack its summoner, but the summoner may choose to kill the body if wanted.
The Way to tell if the Body is Summoned or not: The body will rise out of a coffin and when defeated a dead corpse of the sacrifice will lay there dead.
Conditions behind the usage of this technique: The person you wish to summon back must have been killed by your own hands. You must have a sacrifice captured by some form of freezing technique which I will get to soon. The sacrifice will die and be revived but he will be restricted from leaving his village until the summon dies.

Summoning: Snakes
Orochimaru and Kabuto are both Snake users so basically a bunch of Snake oriented Jutsu.

Living Corpse Reincarnation
This one I seriously Debated putting on here due to the massive spam. There would have to be a very big condition. Still Pending. Basically Orochimaru's Body Transfer Technique.

Orochimaru's Sword
Give's +5 Power
-25% Hand Seal speed

Temporary Paralysis Technique
Much Like the Spider Cocoon, using say Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands the Target is frozen for at least 30 seconds, giving time for Summoning: Impure World Resurrection.

Kabuto's Medical Technique's
Ahh the Famed Medical Nin's Many Technique's for healing, very useful in team combat. It says it all.

The Final Jutsu of this clan : Snake Mode

Can Only be Achieved by mastering Summoning: Impure World Resurrection and Living Corpse Reincarnation, Will give your Character a Kabuto Like appearence and Master's the Rest of your Jutsus for you. But, there is a cost to Learning this Jutsu
1. You will be hideous as hell.
2. Your old form will never be able to be accessed again.

There were not many Clans to Create here, because I am only trying to do one per village right now.
Puppet Technique: Chakra Strings to let you control a puppet, you will be given your first puppet when you learn this technique, it will be able to attack, you buy more puppets from KankurĊ NPC or Sasori NPC. Each Puppet will have different jutsus for you to learn to use them better.

Since I am cutting it down to one suggestion I am gonna go with my favorite clan in the leaf.
The Fatas. . . I mean Akimichi Clan.
And Since my fingers are starting to hurt because well I hate typing properly.
The Clan Info can be found there.
Downsides: You will be a Total Fatas . . . I mean Chubby Person
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